The Hôtel de Lauzun, a jewel in Paris

17 th century architectural gem, the Hôtel de Lauzun is located on the Quai d’Anjou on Ile Saint-Louis in Paris.

The mansion has been restored to its most beautiful state. Its interior is remarkable for its sculpted and painted decorations. They constitute a very rare collection from this period in Paris that has been preserved until now. Dazzling in their beauty and richness, they are only comparable to the most beautiful Royal residences.

A little bit of history

The history of the Hôtel de Lauzun is just as exceptional. Louis Le Vau, who built several remarkable buildings on the same Parisian quay, including the Hôtel Lambert, was long attributed his plans. But, it is now known that it was built by the architect Charles Chamois from 1656 to 1660 for the financier Charles Gruÿn des Bordes, who was involved in the fall of Nicolas Fouquet. The Duke of Lauzun, whose affair with the Duchess of Montpensier created a scandal, bought it in 1682. It then passed into the hands of the Marquis de Richelieu, the Cardinal’s little nephew. In the 19th century, the Hôtel was divided into apartments for rent. Many artists such as Charles Baudelaire and Théophile Gautier lived here the bohemian life.

Baron Louis Pichon, the last private owner, spent a fortune to restore it. As a result, he sold it to the City of Paris in 1928. The ceremonial rooms of the Hôtel de Lauzun were the setting for the city’s major diplomatic receptions. Many Heads of State were received, such as Queen Elizabeth II.

Since 2013, it has housed the Institut d’Etudes Avancées de Paris, which receive the best international researchers in the human and social sciences.

To know more about

The Hotel can only be visited in small groups and by appointment only. If you are passionate about the history of Paris and its heritage, like me, I advise you to consult the website of the Paris Historique association, which regularly offers guided tours by a lecturer. Finally, to know absolutely everything about the Hôtel de Lauzun, I refer you to the monograph of Raymond Boulhares and Marc Soléranski, which is the most recent and most complete book on the subject.

Paris Historique
Association founded in 1963
44-46 rue François Miron 75004 Paris – 01 48 87 74 31

“L’Hôtel de Lauzun” par Raymond Boulhares et Marc Soléranski
Artelia Editions, 38 quai Henry IV, 75004 Paris
29€ – ISBN 978-2-919096-02-2
Available on FNAC website

View of the facade of Hôtel de Lauzun in Paris
The richly ornamented balcony on the quay of Anjou

View of the ceiling in the library of Hôtel de Lauzun in Paris
The “library” room
on the ceiling the “Triomphe de Cérès” by Dorigny
View of the alcove chamber of Hôtel de Lauzun in Paris with its sculpted and painted decorations
The Alcove Chamber